Not Your Typical Sunday, But In Lagos…

  • AuthorSymplx Studio
  • Date 15 December 2015
  • CategoryCinematography Event General Blog

So I’m here in Lagos, Nigeria. Practically my first long term trip in almost 20yrs and I just can’t help but spend my entire Sunday in church. I mean if God loves and blesses you like me, you’ll probably do the same. I had the pleasure of capturing this photos while the family celebrate the 10yr anniversary of Pastor Bimbo Odukoya passing. For those who are not familiar, just google her name. After two services, I stayed for the christmas carol service in the evening. Long story short, I literally was in church for almost 12hrs this Sunday but I feel blessed to be there. Yes I did dozed off here and there.. lol. What a better way to start my Lagos experience than in church, none other than the Fountain of Life Church. Oh yeah, the video below needs no explanation. She’s just amazing.


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