Counting Our Blessings With Kinnect

  • AuthorSymplx Studio
  • Date 24 December 2015
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I was fortunate to participate in yet another volunteering event, this time in Ajegunle, Lagos. Let me give some context. Ajegunle is known as the ghetto/slum of Lagos and it’s not the place you want to be found wandering around in for security reason. Yet, Dami, Bimpe and company chose it as a place where they wanted to invest their time and resource to. I arrived a little before 9:00am after another Uber ride from Lagos Island. As I entered the area, I must admit, I thought twice before I brought out my camera. Eventually I did after meeting Dami who is a co-founder of Kinnect.  In under 2hrs, we were able to feed and cater to over 500 individuals, mostly children. I’ll be working on a short video of my experience, but for now, enjoy the photos and please support the organization. visit to learn more.


Preparing to bag the food. kinnect-2

Early bird arrival to receive food and gifts kinnect-3

There’s something so beautiful about childhood and innocent. This moment reminded me of growing up. These are the future leaders of Nigeria. kinnect-4 kinnect-5

One of the volunteerskinnect-6

Children will always be children

Bags of rice to distribute to the women of the communitykinnect-8

It’s 10AM…Showtime!!!
kinnect-9 kinnect-10

Waiting patiently kinnect-11 kinnect-12 kinnect-13

If only I can see them 20yrs form now.

It felt like she was wearing Ajegunle on her face and her smile trying to force escape. She’s not so young anymore, and I think her reality bothers her often, but the glimpse of home was renewed as a result of the event today.
kinnect-15 kinnect-16

Awon goons mi… meaning, My clan, my road dougs, my Gs. I love the swag.kinnect-17 kinnect-18 kinnect-19

Believe me we had 500 of this plates, packed and served in less than 3hr. kinnect-20 kinnect-21

Bagging rice.
kinnect-22 kinnect-23 kinnect-24

I meet people who often brag about walk in closets and designer brands. This is what contentment looks like. kinnect-25 kinnect-26

Dami giving giftskinnect-27 kinnect-28 kinnect-29 kinnect-30 kinnect-31

Just look at her. Enough said!kinnect-32 kinnect-33 kinnect-34 kinnect-35

The volunteers. Thank you and May God reward you plenty. kinnect-36