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  • Date 1 June 2011
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There are a few times when someone would contact me for that special project. Even though every project is a special project, some projects require extra attention and planning. Such is this project. Mary from Glamm Fashions contacted me to talk about this project amidst my busy schedule. My partner Funmi from S67photography contacted me ahead of time on her behalf. Wasn’t too sure if I was too keen about the project but after meeting with Mary, I saw she was going somewhere. She had ideas, which is great when working with other creative people. The day arrive and we gathered in Rockville, MD for the big shoot. Normally, a shoot like that will take about 12hrs but this time we managed to knock it out in less than 6hr, thanks to careful planning. Despite all the planning, things were not perfect. Right before the set wrapped up, I got my money shot. After that, I knew this was going to be a successful one. The editing process was fun, though it was long. Enough of the speech, check it out and see for yourself. leave a comment if you like what you, and be sure to support the fashion house at

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I can be serious… No you can’t

Straigth at the Camera

Picnic and roses

Playful Romance

It's in th eyes

This is what the collection is about… something fun, sexy and romantic. Classic meets culture in modern times.

Sunset on her glow. Once I got this shot, It was a wrap

One of my fav of the group

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