• AuthorSymplx Studio
  • Date 17 September 2010
  • CategoryGeneral Blog Nature

I took a hike on a trail and stumbled on a butterfly at rest. I took a few minutes to capture the moment. Connecting with nature… below the pictures is a poem inspired by butterfly… Enjoy

If my world was perfect, she’ll be here
Resting in my poetic arms
Living free like butterflies in southern fields
Making melodic sound like oceans wave
I’ll sing to her blues, brings calm to her blues, take her to a place where her blues can be wooed
I’ll live on her words, flow in her words, hide somewhere in her thought
So as she speaks, I find ways to escape
Escape into bliss, her bliss
Let her words put life in my dreams,
Yes, I will blaspheme for her, give myself to her to rebirth me in whole
There is God, and then it’s her
And then I asking God how I can have her like his grace
New every day
Yes, I pray to her, more so to the God in her
For I’m sure God made her in secret, and somehow I’ve found out where God kept his secret
Somewhere in her smile
And somehow I get a piece of it each time thru her hugs
My God, she is like you, all knowing
Can’t hide my pain from her views
She MRI my entire thoughts with her eyes
I’ve written many poems, but my best are from her
She is thought on a plate
She is like water
Sipping through me
Kiss me with Eros, for I am her hero
When our lips touch we speak in tongues

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