Bukky + Olamide E-Session

  • AuthorSymplx Studio
  • Date 16 September 2014
  • CategoryGeneral Blog Wedding

I had the pleasure of working with this amazing couple. An old friend referred Bukky to me while she was in Nigeria. From the moment she reached out, it was pure excitement and bliss. She was very easy to work with, she had an idea of what she wanted and was also open to trying new things. I love it when couples are well invested in their photo shoot. Her fiancee, Lamide was awesome to work with. Great shoot and wishing them a happy and blissful marriage.

bukky-olamide-3 bukky-olamide-2 bukky-olamide-4 bukky-olamide-5 bukky-olamide-6 bukky-olamide-7 bukky-olamide-10
bukky-olamide-8 bukky-olamide-12 bukky-olamide-11 bukky-olamide-13 bukky-olamide-steps bukky-olamide-18 bukky-olamide-19
bukky-olamide-21 bukky-olamide-outside bukky-olamide-24 bukky-olamide-28 copy bukky-olamide-tree bukky-olamide-29
bukky-olamide-33 bukky-olamide-31 bukky-olamide-36
bukky-olamide-34 bukky-olamide-38 bukky-olamide-1


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