Adebayo Dawodu

[passster password=”test123″]Look at any of his work and you’ll see the same thing: Style. Adebayo Dawodu has a style that permeates all of his graphic and web design and his fashion and event photography. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in Maryland, USA with his brothers and sisters and cousins, Adebayo learned early how to get noticed among the crowd. This innate ability to bring to life the style needed to stand apart is what his work is all about.[/passster]

He does it using various artistic disciplines and both print and digital media. His corporate ID work communicates an organization’s mission with clarity and elegant simplicity. His design engages both the heart and the mind with moving color and compelling images. His event photography brings out the excitement in the seemingly ordinary. His fashion photography blends the designer’s passion with the model’s beauty in a composition that transports the viewer to a place where anything is possible. Everything Adebayo touches turns to style.

Adebayo’s clients are from the worlds of media and entertainment, health care, human services, consulting, the nonprofit arena, and more. The one thing they have in common is their desire to make an impact with their logos, web sites, advertisements, and marketing collateral. The need for impact brought them to Adebayo and his Symplx Studio, and keeps them coming back for more of the inimitable style he continuously brings forth.

Do you want to experience more style, more visual excitement, more graphic eloquence? Visit Or better yet, stop by Symplx Studio to experience how Adebayo will Think…Design…Deliver! for you.